Astaxantina, el superalimento que protege de las manchas solares en la piel

Astaxanthin, the superfood that protects against sun spots on the skin

This carotenoid, until recently unknown to the general public, is giving a lot of talk lately. And after discovering that astaxanthin is 14 times more powerful as an antioxidant than vitamin E, 10 times more than vitamin C and 54 times more powerful than other beta-carotenes, we find ourselves facing the great superfood that protects against sun spots, sun (eyesight, face and body) and that prevents cellular aging . Who gives more? Well, of course, astaxanthin, yes. Get to know it in depth and discover how to get it!

What benefits does astaxanthin have?

Among ALL the benefits of astaxanthin are its protection against photoaging, its anti-inflammatory power, protection of eye health, neuroprotection, sunscreen, promoter of liver detoxification and regulation of cholesterol. However, any astaxantyan is not created equal. What are we referring to? There are two types of astaxanthins that can be extracted from natural sources (which we will talk about below). Pure astaxanthin and synthetic astaxanthin. If we want to obtain the superfood for sun spots on the skin and that contains all the benefits described above, we must opt ​​for pure astaxanthin .

In this regard, its power as a sunscreen is not the same if we use pure astaxanthin from microalgae (one of its main sources and of which only 5% is pure) than if it is synthetic. It is also not absorbed equally if it comes directly from food or through supplements. For these reasons , astaxanthin is a highly requested sunscreen .

How do you get this superfood?

The possibility of preventing and alleviating the effects of the sun that usually result in unsightly sun spots on the skin is one of the great problems of astaxanthin. But where is astaxanthin found? On the one hand, it is found in certain foods such as algae, crustaceans and salmonids. In fact, the picturesque color of all of these is due to astaxanthin. Until just a decade ago, only the benefits of astaxanthin as a dye were known.

On the other hand, astaxanthin can be found in the form of oral supplements (capsules) that must be ingested daily to obtain the greatest protection against sun spots. But how do you get the best version of astaxanthin - or pure astaxanthin -?

The best way to get Astaxanthin, the super food for skin sun spots and antioxidant

Not all astaxanthin supplements sold are created equal. In fact, in many cases it is sold as pure astaxanthin which it is not. To begin with, only those food supplements in capsule format can preserve the antioxidant and sun protection power of astaxanthin. To continue, value for money must prevail. Get to know Astaxanthin PLUS from Nova Nutrición and rediscover beauty and health!

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