Cómo fortalecer tus defensas este otoño para prevenir la gripe

How to strengthen your defenses this fall to prevent the flu

What we commonly know as seasonal flu is an "infectious disease caused by influenzavirus." The flu occurs especially in autumn and winter in temperate areas and is characterized by the fact that it mainly affects the respiratory tract. However, there have been cases in which it has equally affected the muscles, the brain or the heart. As you well know, antibiotics are not useful against the flu, so strengthening your defenses in autumn is emerging as the fundamental prevention so that your body can properly fight the disease. But how to ensure that our immune system is 100% in shape?

How to strengthen your defenses this fall against the flu

#1.Good lifestyle habits

Stress causes your immune system to suffer. Also unhealthy eating habits or a sedentary lifestyle. Keeping stress levels at bay is crucial, as is getting enough rest. Did you know that stress and lack of sleep are intrinsically linked? The perfect tandem for efficient prevention without having to do anything else is to bring together sleep, good nutrition, exercise, relaxation and good sleep hygiene.

#2.Vaccination, a half-solution

If you are part of the population at risk of suffering from the flu in a more virulent way (older people, children and those who have chronic respiratory conditions) vaccination is a good option. Also for the general population, although we cannot forget that vaccination may not be efficient because it varies from one year to the next. Vaccination must be carried out in the month of October.

#3.Maintain hygiene

In all aspects. If you maintain hand hygiene and avoid sharing cutlery, glasses, plates or household items, you will have less chance of getting infected.

#4.Avoid hospitals (unless, obviously, you have already been infected)

The influx of people with the flu during these months increases enormously, so a hospital is not the best place to prevent it.

#5.Avoid as much as possible being in places with many crowds of people and poor ventilation

Thanks to this you will prevent contagion.

#6.The cold does play a role in the development of the flu

Or, rather, in its contagion, favored by both the dry climate typical of autumn and winter and the cold conditions.

#7.Take specific foods and include antioxidant supplements

During these months the immune system usually suffers. Supplements with antioxidants such as astaxanthin, vitamin C or E can be a good complement to everything mentioned above. Likewise, seasonal foods such as tangerines or oranges have proven antioxidant power.

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