Beneficios de la astaxantina pura que quizás no conocías

Benefits of pure astaxanthin that you may not have known about

Astaxanthin has been one of the great medical revelations in the field of health in recent years accompanied by various studies that have delved into its antioxidant properties. In fact, we can find an interesting compilation of academic articles regarding the properties of astaxanthin from the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, which not only has many antioxidant benefits but goes much further. In this regard, I will explain much more about this carotenoid found in the Haematococcus microalgae . But first we invite you to discover the difference between pure astaxanthin and astaxanthin. Why is it so important to know this before knowing its advantages? Basically because the concentration of elements beneficial to health is much higher in pure astaxanthin . We will also see why.

Index of contents:

1.Pure Astaxanthin, the most beneficial (and difficult to extract)

2.Specific benefits of pure astaxanthin

3.What foods contain astaxanthin?

4.Where to buy pure astaxanthin?

Pure Astaxanthin, the most beneficial (and difficult to extract)

Lets start by the beginning. Astaxanthin has an antioxidant power 10 times greater than other carotenoids and this is the main reason why it has become so popular, but are all astaxanthin supplements the same? And will eating it directly from the seaweed provide the most beneficial properties? The answer is a definit no". It has been discovered that the content of high quality carotenoids or pure astaxanthin is only found at 5% in the H.Pluvialis from which it is extracted. This implies that only a very small percentage of its composition results in a high antioxidant power. Hence it is necessary to choose pure astaxanthin over synthetic astaxanthin .

Specific benefits of pure astaxanthin


With an antioxidant action ten times greater than that of other carotenoids, it protects against UV radiation.

#2.Prevents photoaging

Thanks to the fact that it prevents the degradation of collagen, it is possible to keep the skin smooth for longer as well as promote the necessary dermal hydration. It also prevents dermatitis.


Among the benefits of astaxanthin that you may not have known about, its anti-inflammatory action is one of the best kept secrets. Although there are not as many studies regarding this advantage as there are regarding its antioxidant action, the reduction in pain for some patients should be taken into account.

#4.Eye health

Astaxanthin can be deposited in the retina, which also reduces damage caused by UV light.


Astaxanthin may be a barrier against oxidative damage to the central nervous system.

#6.Liver detoxification

There are studies that confirm the increase of two hepato-protective enzymes in astaxanthin. These are the enzymes CYP3A4 and CYP2B6.

#7.Decrease in LDL cholesterol

Thanks to the fact that it can prevent atherogenic processes at doses of 6-8 mg/day.

What foods contain astaxanthin?

Natural astaxanthin (unfiltered from pure astaxanthin) is found in shrimp, salmon, krill, microalgae and crustaceans. Currently, astaxanthin can be found in vitamin supplements that are taken once a day with meals. Pure astaxanthin must be microencapsulated to maintain all its properties.

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