Por qué aplicar protector solar durante todo el año

Why apply sunscreen all year round

Summer is possibly the time of year when you can't miss sunscreen in your shopping cart. However, are we doing it right? From the Skin Cancer Foundation they remind us why applying sunscreen throughout the year can prevent the appearance of sunburn and carcinomas 365 days a year. They also dismantle some myths about sun protection that we tend to believe too much.

Apply sunscreen throughout the year, yes or no?

Every day of the year, UVB and UVA rays should be taken into account when carrying out certain activities. Although it is true that the winter sun affects our skin to a lesser extent, the reality is that solar radiation increases year after year and, with it, the risk of developing pathologies in the dermis.

Tips from the Foundation for the prevention of skin cancer (to protect yourself from the sun all year round)

  • In the winter months you will need a minimum factor 15 for outdoor activities. Remember that UV rays pass through the clouds so you are not fully protected even in winter.
  • Choose a UVB and UVA ray protector.
  • Apply every 2-4 hours depending on your skin type.

One of the recommendations that is often passed on to the general population is to cover the neck, lips, ears, scalp and feet with sunscreen . In many cases it is understood but the truth is that sun spots can also appear on the lips, for example.

  • Tanning can cause serious health risks. Premature skin aging is just one of the many problems that come from tanning salon abuse.

EXTRA protection against the sun: supplements that protect the skin

It's no secret that UV rays are increasingly damaging to the skin. Given this, the appearance of free radicals from the sun's rays requires something more than a simple topical sunscreen. For this reason, more and more people are adding oral sunscreens, which are supplements that reinforce the action of sunscreen and also protect eyesight.

Among these, the best known is astaxanthin , which is an antioxidant and sunscreen.


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