Cómo el colágeno cuida tu piel y dónde encontrarlo

How collagen takes care of your skin and where to find it

There is constant talk about it but there is still a lack of quality information about collagen, that protein that is present in the human body, especially in hair, nails, skin, bones and joints, ligaments and tendons. Qualified as a miracle protein, collagen is surprising because it not only keeps connective tissues in perfect health but also covers the organs and it has even been shown that collagen is beneficial for proper digestion and that it protects the intestinal lining. Having said all this, let's see how collagen takes care of your skin and is a natural protector.

How does collagen take care of your skin (also in summer)?

  • Prevents sagging : Not only that, but it keeps the skin hydrated, flexible and with the same volume as in youth. In fact, the loss of collagen as well as bone mass are two of those responsible for sagging skin taking over our face. In this regard, supplements rich in collagen and other ingredients that promote bone, joint and skin health are key to preserving smooth and radiant skin .

  • Improved digestive health : Its action has also been linked to digestive health in such a way that it has become truly holistic goodness.

  • Optimizes the absorption of vitamins and amino acids : Adequate levels of collagen in the body have been related to better absorption of vitamins and amino acids, essential for our body.

But these are not all the benefits of collagen ; it has many more. Specifically, various studies have been carried out that suggest that you can lose weight with collagen .

Where is it located? The best sources of collagen

Collagen is found both in meat from organs and in animal skin, cartilage, bone broths or tendons. In the past it was common to eat these meat parts. However, it is currently difficult to find this type of diet, which has been replaced by skinless muscle meat. In this way, we have stopped supplying enough collagen to our diet and, although it is true that our body produces collagen on its own, aging brings with it a loss of this protein.

This situation can lead to problems with the skin and, not only that, also with the bones and joints. Hence, supplementation is becoming essential both for skin care and for bone and joint health. Where can we find it?

Regenera is the supplement that combines hydrolyzed collagen, among many other ingredients that will help you maintain glowing skin while taking care of your bones and joints.

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