5 hábitos que perjudican la belleza de tu piel (y soluciones)

5 habits that harm the beauty of your skin (and solutions)

Advice on the health and beauty of the skin proliferates on the Internet and there are many Skin Care gurus who propose their routines to keep it soft and young for longer. Among them, we will surely know the basic habits that damage the skin (stop smoking, remove makeup at night, cleanse the face or stop touching the face to remove pimples, get enough sleep, drink more water, and so on). Well, these are not the habits that harm the beauty of your skin that we are going to talk about today since they are understood and are hackneyed enough that it is not necessary to repeat them (again).

#1.Not knowing how to remove pimples and impurities affects the beauty of your skin (a lot)

It is not that you cannot extract impurities from your skin but that you do not know what the commandments of professional experts are so that they do not leave a mark. Dr. Pimple Popper , an American dermatologist expert, can give us more perspective on the matter. This is the solution:

  • Clean the skin with a makeup remover wipe, wash the face with a gentle cleanser and make sure the skin is free of dirt or makeup to prevent it from entering the pores.
  • Place a warm cloth on your face for a few minutes to open the pores.
  • Never squeeze more than 3 times. Leave it for someone else.
  • Apply a toner after the process.

#2.Do not include collagen among our skin care must-haves

As the years go by, the health and beauty of the skin suffers due, in part, to external aggressions, in part, to our genetic load and, to a non-negligible extent, to a series of habits that have excluded collagen. for too much time. Nova Nutrición's claim to the power of collagen in skin care is not new. In addition, this surprising protein could also be involved in the process of losing weight faster .

#3.Feed, I need you!

We tend to despise nutrition when it is really through it that health is shown in all its facets. Consuming certain foods that contain vitamin D or E can be essential for maintaining beautiful and healthy skin. It is essential to include carrots (a source of beta-carotene, a precursor of vitamin A that reduces sagging and wrinkles), tomatoes, cucumbers, various citrus fruits or green leafy vegetables in our diet.

#4.You do not use the appropriate amount of sunscreen

With the change in regulations in Spain regarding the level of protection against UV rays, many misunderstandings have arisen, rooted in the fallacy that since the protector has a higher level of protection, it is not necessary to apply as much. Well, this could not be more wrong and for the beauty of your skin it is a serious mistake.

The solution? On the one hand, you should obviously apply more sunscreen and, on the other, you can complement it with pure astaxanthin, which is photoprotective (not only for your skin but also for your eyesight) and which has a much greater antioxidant power than others. analogues.

#5.You exfoliate your face too hard

It is a very common mistake since we tend to think that the harder you exfoliate, the more impurities will be extracted. Not at all. If you exfoliate too hard and frequently you can end up suffering from irritations that can be serious if you have delicate skin. It is recommended that exfoliation be regulated to once a week maximum.

That's it for our tips to maintain the beauty of your skin. Do you want to know more about collagen supplement (REGENERA, REGENERA FORTE AND BEAUTY) or sunscreen (ASTAXANTHIN) ? Visit our store!

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