Cuál es la mejor astaxantina

What is the best astaxanthin

There is great confusion regarding this carotenoid, which is extracted from numerous sources, including the Haematoccocus microalgae. And although the benefits of astaxanthin are undeniable, not everything that is extracted from it has the same value for the human body. Thus, we find ourselves with an impressive antioxidant and sunscreen source that, however, varies in terms of effectiveness. How can we differentiate which is the best astaxanthin? We give you the keys so that you can only choose the best of this - until very recently - coloring that gave salmon or flamingo their tone. Let's see more.

Astaxanthin synthesis

Astaxanthin, like other carotenoids, is synthesized from the terpenoid or isoprenoid pathway. This is also used in the biosynthesis of many other important compounds for the body. However, not all astaxanthin is relevant when it is synthesized by the human body and, much less, in the previous synthesis when extracting it from the sources of this carotenoid.

This colorant and antioxidant in its purest version is 65 times more powerful than vitamin C, 54 times more than beta-carotene and 14 times more than vitamin E. The most natural astaxanthin protects from the sun , radiation in the eyes , prevents cardiovascular diseases and, of course, protects against cellular aging. Anyone would think it's a super component!

What is the best Astaxanthin?

We can identify two types of astaxanthin depending on the extraction procedure; synthetic astaxanthin and pure astaxanthin.

synthetic astaxanthin

Within the framework of the extraction of astaxanthin for economic purposes, a differentiation is established between pure and synthetic astaxanthin. Numerous investigations have corroborated that pure astaxanthin can be extracted through a physical technique for obtaining the pigment using Haematoccocus Pluvialis as a source of this pigment. However, there is plenty of evidence that 95% of the astaxanthin extracted from this microalgae is synthetic. Its quality was lower in the case of synthetic astaxanthin.

Pure Astaxanthin

To obtain pure astaxanthin , it must be extracted from the microalgae and it barely accounts for 5% of the total. If you wanted to know which was the highest quality astaxanthin, do not doubt that this is it. The best Astaxanthin manufacturers and distributors are aware of the importance of offering natural Astaxanthin to their customers because it keeps intact all the advantages associated with its consumption.


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