10 bulos de la protección solar desmontados por la ASPROFA. Parte I

10 sun protection hoaxes dismantled by ASPROFA. Part I

ASPROFA (Association of Pharmacy Professionals) has joined the Institute's "SaludsinBulos" initiative to shed some light on the numerous sun protection hoaxes that are causing the risk of sunburn to increase and, ultimately, of the incidence of skin cancer . In some cases, they are not even hoaxes but, rather, carelessness that we usually commit to our health and that can cause serious skin problems in the long term. How can we prevent this from happening? simpler than it might seem, just follow these tips taken directly from the source.

Social protection hoaxes #saludsinbulos

10.If you have dark skin, you don't burn

This is one of the most widespread sun protection hoaxes. They actually burn less because they produce more melanin called "eumelanin." However, solar radiation damages any skin so, in the long term, you will end up suffering from burns.

9. It is not necessary to apply a "waterproof" sunscreen more than once

There is no doubt that waterproof sun protection has been a great discovery, but this does not exempt you from having to reapply the cream every 30-60 minutes of exposure. The safest? Apply sunscreen after bathing .

8.Applying sun protection once a day is enough

No, in fact it is one of the most widespread hoaxes. After 2 hours you should reapply sun protection and this time will be shorter if you have taken a bath.

7.You won't be able to get a tan if you apply sunscreen

This statement is absolutely false. In fact, now more than ever there is no photoprotection that is 100% safe. In a certain way and as ASPROFA points out; "Being tan means that our skin is being attacked by solar radiation."

6.Sunscreen is only necessary when it is sunny

As with all types of radiation, solar radiation passes through clouds. That is, during winter it is also necessary to protect yourself from UV rays even if it does not seem like it will affect us.



(In Hoaxes Part II).

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