Más bulos en fotoprotección desmentidos. Parte II

More photoprotection hoaxes debunked. Part II

After having described 5 of the 10 sun protection hoaxes, we will tell you the rest. Some of them seem surreal but the truth is that our habits when it comes to protecting ourselves from solar radiation leave much to be desired. Let's go there!

10 photoprotection hoaxes debunked. Part II

5.Sun protection is all the same (it works with any sunscreen)

Mistake. And a serious mistake too. On the one hand, there is the remanence of the product (adaptation to the skin). On the other hand, photostability. This means that the UV filter is stable against solar radiation. Finally, there are different types of UV rays so information about this is essential before purchasing a product. As essential accessories; clothing with a filter, polarized glasses and oral sunscreen. What is this oral sunscreen? There are certain antioxidants that also act as sunscreens. Specifically, astaxanthin. This comes as a supplement in capsule form and prepares the skin for sun exposure.


4.A sunscreen lasts several years

It really isn't even valid from one year to the next. This is because they have an expiration date of between 3 months and 12 months. You can find the expiry date of sunscreen easily and it will appear 3m, 6m or 12m depending on the validity.

3.The factors of two sunscreens do not add up

It seems incredible that this is one of the photoprotection hoaxes but it is so. If you choose to take advantage of a product with a factor of 20 and others with a factor of 15, you will not obtain a factor of 35 but will simply have the highest factor.

2.The SPF does not indicate the protection time but rather multiplies the exposure time without burning us

If, for example, the sun burns you after 30 minutes of sun exposure, the factor 30 multiplies this time. Eye! Remember that sunscreen must be continually applied to maintain protection.

1.There is total sunscreen

In no case is there 100% photoprotection. This is why it is always recommended to limit the maximum time of sun exposure.


08/05/2019, "Photoprotection hoaxes increase the risk of burns and skin cancer" , Salud Sin Bulos.

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