Cómo mejorar la memoria para estudiar oposiciones en verano

How to improve memory to study competitive exams in summer

This 2019 is being an interesting year for those who want to take competitive exams thanks to the fact that more places have been offered than in other seasons, but did some of the tests really have to coincide with the months of September, October and November? If you have to study exams in the summer no matter what, do not despair because you will discover a series of tips from a nutritional and lifestyle point of view so that your memory for studying is that of one of the winners of the highly prized places .

The nutritional and sports routine, your best ally

Surely you have already heard on some occasion that following a well-structured routine of healthy eating and physical exercise are the best way to maintain a healthy body and mind. Well, if you want to improve your memory for studying, you should take this literally (especially if you are an opposition candidate). The oppositions require a great amount of willpower, organization and discipline .

In this way, if you do not have an established eating routine, it is very likely that the disorder will also materialize in erratic study schedules that, possibly, will lead you to abandon the opposition.

Also add some foods to your diet such as dark chocolate (with a high level of cocoa), drink plenty of water, add Omega 3 to your diet in the form of supplements or through foods that contain it, as well as blueberries.

Physical exercise, a superpower for your mental health during exam time

There are already many studies that relate post-study exercise with an improvement in memory and the ability to fix knowledge. According to a study carried out a couple of years ago, specifically in 2016, by the Donders Institute of the Radboud University Medical Center in the Netherlands, "aerobic exercise at a certain time - four hours into studying - improves the consolidation of associative memory. In other words, going for a long walk or run after having studied for 4-5 hours straight can significantly contribute to learning.

What if we were doing it all wrong by sitting for 8 hours straight studying and only a little movement was necessary? If you want to have more memory to study, sports will always be a good solution and never a disadvantage.

Tricks to improve memory for studying (competitions or other exams)

  • Say goodbye to automatic thinking : Change paths to go to the library or discover new music. Memory for studying is not memory at all but is based on the ability to relate some events to others.
  • Daily leisure : Although the opponent is usually associated with someone who is "kneeling" for 12 hours a day, this attitude is not the most appropriate. It is preferable to have 2 study sessions per day of 3 hours each and leave free time for other activities than to spend several hours. This way you will only get burned.

EXTRA TIP: Supplement to improve memory and neuro-cognitive performance

The ideal way to study better during exams is to complement a healthy and active diet with group B vitamins in supplement form. And these vitamins are not only those that prevent fatigue, tiredness and confusion typical of pernicious anemia but are also synonymous with neurocognitive health . You want to know more?

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