The surprising benefits of Gingko Biloba

This tree, which has been part of Chinese and Japanese natural medicine for hundreds of years, has received numerous praise due to its properties against cellular aging and circulatory disorders. There is much more behind this as more and more benefits of Gingko Biloba are being extracted from studies. According to information from a 2015 European Medicines Agency report , the Gingko Biloba leaf details the positive effects that medications and supplements have on health when this leaf is added.

How does Gingko Biloba work?

Although there is still much to study in this regard, it is believed that "it intervenes by protecting against brain cellular damage, either directly or indirectly by regulating blood flow or neutralizing toxic forms of oxygen known as free radicals."

Regarding the studies carried out in this regard, the most important ones had people over 50 years of age as protagonists with mild dementia. The conclusions of the study ensure that the quality of life of these people improved. However, the supplement included more ingredients. On the other hand, these compounds are not prescribed for people prone to headaches.

Benefits of Gingko Biloba that you wouldn't believe

Improve memory

This is the most well-known benefit of Gingko Biloba and, in fact, you can find study supplements that contain this leaf. It has also been said that it could also prevent Alzheimer's and help improve social behavior.

Against anxiety

Although it is not conclusive since there is only one study on the matter, an interesting relationship has been found between anxiety relief and Gingko Biloba.

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