Example of diet from nutritionists to lose fat

If you are looking for an article in which we discuss a diet that will miraculously make you lose weight, this is not what you are looking for. At Nova Nutrición we have expert dietitians who can advise you and give you an example of a nutritionist diet to lose fat. Still, don't forget that any eating regimen must be complemented with daily exercise . Let's go there!

Before the diet...check your lifestyle habits

Not everything has to do with what we eat but how we eat it. Nor is only a diet necessary but there are other factors that determine whether a person has more fat, for example, women have more body fat compared to men and as we age it is more difficult for us to get rid of it. However, there are some lifestyle habits that may be standing between you and a healthier future.

The question is the amount of food you put on the plate.

In the new diet methods used by nutritionists, a maximum rule is always established and that is that the amount we eat, sometimes, is too much. In this regard, the right portion of food divided into 4-5 meals a day will, on the one hand, provide greater satiety and, on the other, not overload the body.

The poison is in measure

This fragment of Paracelsus's famous phrase establishes what we already imagined: everything is poison if you go too far and that practically nothing is poison if taken in its proper measure. You like candy? Have a beer from time to time? It is not a crime. Of course it is not good for the body but by itself it will not kill you. The big drawback is when we turn this into a habit, a bad habit that continually accompanies us. You don't have to eat donuts every day for it to be a bad habit. Therefore, the change in your life begins by modifying those bad habits.

Sport is not just going to the gym

Of course, going to the gym is part of a very desirable routine or habit to lose fat and stay healthy, but is it really so essential? If you are one of those who go to the gym by car or on public transportation, if you take the elevator and escalator as if your life depended on it, if when you meet friends two blocks from your house and you go on the tram... Your problem with fat loss may not have as much to do with the gym as it does with your lifestyle habits. And we don't always have time for the gym but we can always include an hour between trips, a few minutes of "step" going up and down stairs and the occasional walk in company. It's a question of perspective.

Weekly nutritionist diet example


Fruit (vary)

1 boiled egg

1 whole wheat toast

Hot drink without sugar/skimmed milk

Fruit (vary)

1 toast with 1 tomato and olive oil

Hot drink without sugar/skimmed milk


1 whole wheat toast with avocado

Hot drink without sugar/skimmed milk

1 skimmed yogurt with 1 handful of walnuts and 1 strawberries

Hot drink without sugar/skimmed milk

Fruit (vary)

1 whole wheat toast and 1 beaten egg

Hot drink without sugar/skimmed milk

MIDMORNING 1 handful of almonds 1 yogurt 1 handful of pistachios 1 fruit 1 handful of almonds
FOOD (control quantities) Skinless chicken breast+green beans+quinoa Lentils (exclude chorizo ​​and other meats) Ditto lentils Brown rice+hake or similar+spinach Chickpeas in hummus
MID AFTERNOON 1 fruit 1 fruit 1 yogurt 1 fruit 1 fruit


(control quantities)

Vegetable broth + 1 blue fish fillet Caesar salad (without the sauce, dressed with vinegar) Baked tomatoes stuffed with tuna Baked Vegetables Cheatmeal (unless you prefer it on the weekend)

It should be noted that this is just an example but that before embarking on a change in eating habits, it is recommended to contact a professional nutritionist.

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